Who the FK are we?

ABOUT US Who the FK are we? A couple dudes that love Texas and soft T-shirts.

About Us

As fuck…It’s said about a lot of things. We certainly didn’t invent it. Here’s a little story about how TX AS FK came to be. We’ve all met plenty of people from somewhere else that hasn’t been to Texas. “Don’t you ride horses and everyone wears a cowboy hat?” they’ll ask. No, you’re thinking of the TV show Dallas. So I got to thinking one day how funny it would be if someone from New York or wherever was told the Texas stereotype isn’t true. They drive into the state and get pulled over by a highway patrol officer, and what do they see? A big Texan lumbering up to their car in a sweet cowboy hat. Welcome to Texas.

Every once in a while the discussion comes up about how awesome Texas is. We’re born with an (justifiably) inflated sense of state pride. Can’t exactly explain why, it’s just fucking cool. Arguably the only state you can get a tattoo of and it doesn’t look silly. Kansas? Gtfo.

So one day we made up a couple simple shirts to show off that state pride. TX AS FK. We didn’t anticipate so many people asking where to get one. Boom, a lonestar is born. The greatest part is the abbreviation hides the F word from all the squares. Welcome to the club!